The Importance of Diet for Stage 3 Kidney Disease

stage 3 kidney disease
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What Is Stage 3 Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease, like nearly and serious medical condition, means a change in lifestyle. How serious your disease is determines how drastic of change you need to make. If you have been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease, you have what is considered moderate kidney damage. In other words, you are right in the middle of the scale between stage 1 (normal or near normal) and stage 5 (near failure and in need of dialysis). At this point, your problems are serious but diligently following the advice of a medical professional may help keep you from progressing to the more serious stages.  Following a kidney diet meal plan can keep you on the right track.

What Type of Diet for Stage 3 Kidney Disease?

One of the most important considerations for stage 3 kidney disease patients is diet. This is more important than many people realize. Your kidneys are your blood filters. At stage 3 kidney disease, they are filtering between one third and two thirds as much blood as healthy kidneys. This not only causes toxins to accumulate, it can cause healthy nutrients to accumulate in your blood at unhealthy levels.  As your diet improves you can stabilize your kidney disease and not progress any further with a proper stage 3 kidney disease diet plan.

Your doctor probably made some dietary recommendations when you were diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease. If not, it’s important to ask about it. He or she should also be able to refer you to a registered dietitian who is knowledgeable about stage 3 kidney disease . You will probably be advised to limit your intake of proteins, sodium, potassium, phosphorous, and possibly some vitamins or minerals. It’s important that you be tested regularly, because your diet needs constant adjustment as your kidney function changes.

How Do I Follow A Stage 3 Kidney Disease Diet Plan?

One of the most challenging parts of following a stage 3 kidney disease diet is getting the proper amount of calories. It can be difficult to get enough calories and carbohydrates to fuel your body without overloading on protein, or other problematic nutrients. Your dietitian may recommend the use of some simple calories and carbohydrates such as sugar. This naturally comes with the warning not to over-do it.  And if you are a diabetic, you will want to watch your intake of carbohydrate carefully.  Check out our renal diabetic meal plans.

Due to the complexity of diet recommendations for stage 3 kidney disease it is recommended that you keep a food journal much like a journal to know how much and how many of the items you are eating. Even if you think you are following the advice of your dietitian, it’s easy to make mistakes. The amount of nutrients and vitamins in the same food can vary from brand to brand. Sometimes foods are fortified with the very things you must avoid if you have stage 3 kidney disease.  When you have a meal plan for the week or the month, you will find it really easy to track and follow your diet plan for stage 3 kidney disease.

What if I Can’t Figure Out A Stage 3 Kidney Disease Meal Plan?

To avoid mistakes and simplify meal planning, many stage 3 kidney disease patients are taking advantage of the internet. An option not available in years past was the purchase of pre-designed online meal plans, created by a registered dietitian complete with grocery list. This can eliminate a lot of errors and confusion in the grocery store.

Whatever option you choose, be sure to follow your diet carefully. Many of the complications resulting from stage 3 kidney disease are actually caused by improper nutrition. Experts advise against designing your own plan without professional assistance. Whether you decide to take on the complications of the do-it-yourself diet plan, or take advantage of the simplicity of online plans – the input of a registered dietitian is crucial. Following the plan to the letter is equally crucial. Just remember – your health is worth it and stage 3 kidney disease is nothing to take lightly.

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