Kidney Diet Starter Kit

Did you just receive a kidney disease diagnosis?


Are you worried that you don’t know what to do?


Are you afraid that you won’t be able to manage this disease on your own?


You don’t have to worry anymore, I have solutions that are easy to implement!


You may have to make changes BUT that doesn’t mean they are hard or overwhelming

The Kidney Diet Starter Kit is designed to:

  • Help you understand what kidney disease is
  • Help you create easy meals that will immediately slow down the progression of kidney disease
  • Give you practical advice about shopping for easy to prepare foods
  • Give you tools to manage your kidney disease with confidence
  • provide caregivers support and confidence to help others manage their kidney disease

Having kidney disease does not mean that you are doomed to a lifestyle of boring foods. You can live a full life while managing kidney disease

Many people fear that a kidney disease diagnosis means that they are facing death or dialysis and that can feel overwhelming and scary.

The truth is, the doctor hasn’t been able to share enough information with you to help you know that kidney disease is manageable and the process can be slowed with proper diet and the ability to know and understand critical lab-work information.  It’s not your fault you didn’t know – but now you can start a turn-around!

What you need is practical information without medical jargon- information that is easy to understand and you can take immediate action with

This kit is designed to give you the information your doctor doesn’t have time for. This kit will empower you to manage your kidney disease and give you back the power over your life.

The Kidney Diet Starter Kit includes:

    • Kidney friendly Meal Plan for a full Week
    • That’s 35 recipes!
      • 7 Breakfast Recipes
      • 7 Lunch Recipes
      • 7 Dinner Recipes
      • 7 Side Dish Recipes
      • 7 Snack Ideas
    • Grocery List for all of the Meals so you don’t have to worry about what to buy – it is literally going to be lined out for you


Not only will you get the information about what to buy, I have included videos that will help you understand vital aspects of kidney disease.

Watch videos about

 LABS and blood work


    • what they mean and how to decipher the information
    • why you need to know how to read them
    • calcium-potassium-phosphorous and why they matter
    • how lab values relate to diet

Meal planning

    • How to prepare foods with flavor and ease
    • The benefits of fruits and vegetables
    • side dishes and ways to prepare them
    • Kitchen essentials for easier meal prep
    • cooking tips
    • How to adjust recipes for fewer portions
    • Money saving tips
    • Time saving tips
    • How to save and store food so it lasts



A Bonus Audio from a recent interview (MP3)

 Where I speak about

    • What is kidney disease?
    • What caregivers can do to support a loved one
    • Ways to live fully while managing the disease
    • AND you’ll hear me transform a family-favorite recipe into a kidney friendly dish


There is no reason that you should struggle to manage a kidney disease diagnosis alone.

You have access to valuable information that will make an immediate impact on your life or the life of your loved one.


Grab your Kidney Diet Starter Kit now!

All online – Instant Access – Downloadable

Just $25

Or Choose to have the information mailed to you on CD as well – choose the CD option to have it shipped to you.

Just $35 (Available in 2 weeks – immediate access to online items)

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