Training Available For Chronic Kidney Disease

Available Courses and Training For You

We have courses about many topics related to Chronic Kidney Disease to help you at whatever stage you might be in the process to learn more.  As a patient or a caregiver, we love to help you improve your health.

Love Your Kidneys Delicious CKD Meal Planning - Learn about how to create your own kidney diet meal plan that meets your needs as a patient regardless of stage of CKD

Understanding Kidney Test Results Course - A course that will teach you the ins and outs of what your labs mean and how you can improve them.

Eating To Avoid Dialysis - A video training with closed captions and transcript to explain how you can change your diet to reduce / slow the progression of CKD and avoid dialysis.

Kidney Diet Starter Kit - A training that contains videos about how the diet works and improvements for your health, a 7 day meal plan with 3 meals per day and snacks with a grocery list, and a audio files talking about how you can adjust your favorite recipes.

21 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan For Pre-Dialysis Kidney Disease - A printed book with 21 days of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) planned out as well as recipes and snacks. For those who are looking to eat vegetarian meals to slow the progression of CKD or eat a more plant based diet.

Pre-Dialysis Diet Meal Plans - Eating healthy on a CKD Diet has never been easier. Use our meal plans that are flexible and easy to adjust to your needs to meet your goals of slowing the progression of CKD and reducing your issues with kidney failure.

Pre-Dialysis Diet With Diabetes Meal Plans - Eating healthy with CKD and Diabetes is a tough one. We have meal plans that can help you accomplish your goals of blood sugar control and healthier eating to lower your issues and keep you off dialysis. They are flexible and you can change the meals and recipes as you need.

Dialysis Diet Meal Plan - Are you on dialysis and looking for healthier recipes and meals that meet your needs and are not run of the mill and bland. You need higher protein but lower phosphorus and potassium. Get all that here.

Get a list of potassium and phosphorus amounts in different food items: Potassium and Phosphorus Food List

My Books On Amazon about Chronic Kidney Disease are here: Mathea Ford, MBA, RDN, LD

My Youtube Channel with videos: Renal Diet HQ Youtube Channel

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We have lots of items for sale at - All our spices are HERE: Low Sodium Renal Diet Friendly Spices
And our collection of kitchen items is here: Kitchen Aprons for CKD