The Tastiest Low Sodium Brown Gravy Brands

The Tastiest Low Sodium Brown Gravy Brands

Copy of Low Sodium and Potassium Substitutions For Your Holiday Favorites 2Choosing gravy when you’re on a low sodium diet can be challenging. There are a number of reasons why you may be on a low sodium diet including high blood pressure or kidney disease. Sometimes, low sodium gravies can be bland. However, there are some tasty brands you can buy to serve at your next meal.

What Makes Brown Gravy Low Sodium?

To achieve a low sodium content in brown gravy, most brands substitute spices for salt. Because of course it’s the sodium or monosodium glutamate that makes a brown gravy high in salt. If you replace the sodium with big flavors like garlic or onions, you can reduce the sodium. In some brands, you may also find that there’s more sugar.

Can I Buy No Salt Gravy?

To date, there isn’t any salt-free gravy available at the supermarket. You can buy no salt spice blends intended to make gravy. However, some of these no sodium spice blends are extremely high in potassium, like 350mg per ¼ teaspoon! You can also find no sodium bouillon cubes or powder. You can use bouillon to make your own recipes for gravy however like the spice blends, make sure they’re not high in potassium.

The Best Low Sodium Gravy Brands

There are many low sodium brands available in your supermarket or online. Make sure to read the list of ingredients to ensure they don’t have high potassium or phosphorus levels. These brands can be found both online or in the supermarket and are the tastiest low sodium brown gravy brands on the market.

  1. TRIO
  2. McCormick 30% Less Sodium
  3. Knorr Professional Low Sodium Brown Gravy Mix

What Goes Well with Low Sodium Brown Gravy?

Once you have your brown gravy, what are you going to put it on? Whether you’re feeding adults, children, or both there are many options. These options include:

  1. Hot roast beef sandwich
  2. Hamburger patties
  3. Meatloaf
  4. Pork chops
  5. French fries
  6. Mashed cauliflower
  7. Cube steak

Can I Make My Own Low Sodium or No Salt Brown Gravy from Scratch?

Copy of Low Potassium Substitutes For Your Holiday Favorites 2One of the best ways to control the sodium content in your brown gravy is to make it yourself. There are literally hundreds of homemade gravy recipes available online.

Here’s one from Tasty Healthy Recipes -

You can follow a recipe or make it yourself. Some key considerations when making your own low sodium brown gravy is to make sure you’re using the best seasonings. You can use a low sodium or no sodium bouillon cube. You can use low or no sodium broth. Or you can make your own spice blend.

A basic recipe might include the following ingredients:

  • Garlic
  • Unsalted butter
  • Unsalted beef broth
  • Garlic powder
  • Black Pepper
  • Onion powder
  • Low sodium Worcestershire sauce.
  • Low or no sodium beef bouillon
  • Corn starch
  • Don't forget we have spices you can use that are salt-free over at

What are Healthy Alternatives or Substitutions for Low Sodium Gravy?

What can you do if your dish needs some type of sauce but you’re out of brown gravy or unable to find a low sodium option? Consider seasoning non-dairy Greek yogurt and topping your dish with this warm sauce. You can simply top the dish with melted butter. Or try thickened beef broth, low sodium of course. Finally, you can puree vegetables like butternut squash and season them accordingly. Warmed, they add a nice flavor to many meat dishes.

Choosing low sodium gravy or no salt gravy is a healthier choice when you are really wanting brown gravy with your meal. Sodium levels vary with your low sodium options, but a quick read of the ingredient list label will help you decide. You can also make your own brown gravy or substitute with a healthier seasoning sauce made from broth, vegetables, or a non-dairy alternative. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be dull, enjoy low sodium brown gravy with your next meal.

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