Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 034 – What To Keep In Your Kitchen Cupboard And Making Good Snacks

Podcast #34 Released on August 13, 2014

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Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 034 – What To Keep In Your Kitchen Cupboard And Making Good SnacksI have deemed this month as a month to talk about healthy meals at home and using herbs and spices in your cooking - instead of adding salt.

Last week we talked about making healthier meals at home and creating a good grocery list. That way you have healthier foods to start with. We also talked about making a casserole from scratch and how that can be a great fall back meal for you.

And this week we are talking about cleaning out your kitchen or pantry cupboards. What types of foods should you keep and for how long? It's important to do some good spring or fall cleaning and make sure you aren't keeping food past it's prime. I'm also going to talk about making good snacks to take along with you to dialysis or other trips.

So, lets get started. Have you looked at the foods in your cupboard and thought - I wonder when I got that? Or taken out the pudding package and looked at the date only to realize it was a couple of years ago.. That's NEVER happened to me. Ok, the pudding maybe. Well, I'm going to go over some main foods to look at and how long to keep them.

Now, onto making good snacks to take along with you. Now remember, if you take something that needs to be kept refrigerated, please use a cooler. They make it easy to carry along items. I'm going to go over some quick and easy ways to make nutritious foods to take along.

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  1. Shirley E Gregg says:

    I just found out I am a stage 4 kidney. I knew I had ckd, but I didn't know it progess to state 4 I figured I was still at stage 1 or 2. So I really have to watch what I eat.(I guess)
    I am 89 years old. feeling pretty good, except I get sick to my stomach a lot. I know you have to watch potassium, but back in 2009 I was with my husband at hospital ( he had Alzheimer) when I passed out, the doctors said my potassium was too low and gave me Klor-con. In Jan of 2018 my potassium was 6.0 they got excited and said stop the pills. that's when I found out I was stage 4. That's why I decided to see your program. Thank you