Renal Diet Podcast 001 - Introduction

Renal Diet Podcast 001 – IntroductionEpisode 1, Renal Diet HQ Podcast 

As our inaugural episode, I want to welcome you to the first Renal Diet Headquarters podcast.  As your host, Mathea Ford, Registered Dietitian and CEO of Renal Diet Headquarters, I take time in this episode and talk about what we are going to bring you in this format.  I am looking forward to bringing this new format to you.

This episode is being released on Christmas Day, December 25, 2013, and here are the links and information talked about.

Hi, and welcome to the Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast. I'm your host, Mathea Ford, Registered Dietitian and CEO for Renal Diet Headquarters, and I'd like to welcome you to our first podcast. You'll find find show notes and other information on our website at for this specific podcast. Those are numbers at the end of the link. Not like O's or anything, it's just Thank you for joining me today.

This episode is being released on Christmas Day 2013 and is just an introduction to our radio show. First of all, I want to tell you about Renal Diet HQ. Our mission is to be the most valued resource on kidney disease on the Internet for people to use to improve their health. Our website provides extensive information about dealing with chronic kidney disease. Each week we have new information based on topics requested by members of our audience.

That includes you. You can send in a request as well. If you want to find out about our new posts every week, and when they come out, head on over to and I will have a link in the show notes so you can sign up for the newsletter. We have a weekly email newsletter that comes out and you can learn more about everything that happened that week. The next thing is I want to tell you a little about myself.

I've been a Registered Dietitian for 15 plus years. Seems like it's a long time, but it seems to have gone very quickly. I have spent the majority of that time working with customers, patients, then their families, planning menus for different health conditions. So, I've worked as both a clinical dietitian, an inpatient dietitian, an outpatient dietician, and I've worked as it's called an administrative dietitian, where I manage the inpatient food service and menus, which is what I do now.

As of now, I have also released 19 books on Amazon. Most of them are about chronic kidney disease, and if you want to find those, you can go to that's, go forward slash author, author. And that'll take you to my author page. But, some of those books are also about gestational diabetes. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with both my children, and I feel a certain amount of empathy, sympathy, need to talk to those women and help them out.

So, I have about five books about gestational diabetes and then the rest of my books are about chronic kidney disease. And in the future, I will have more books about specifically diabetes and heart disease. So I'm working on branching out and trying to help people who have diabetes who may not have chronic kidney disease yet, to have a resource as well and to help prevent developing kidney failure. My past work history, I've been in the United States Army, I am a veteran and I worked in hospitals for most of my career.

I spent about five years designing kitchens and traveling around installing room service, but still in hospitals. I've mostly worked in hospitals in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. I'm originally from Kansas and I currently live in Oklahoma with my family. And I work at Renal Diet Headquarters and Healthy Diet Menus, those are my two online businesses and our businesses have been around for about four years and so working on this for a while and developing the programs that we have. And I work with my husband, Keith, who serves as our marketing and our operating officer.

One of the things we do at Renal Diet Headquarters is we do meal planning and we have a meal planning system as well as the books are written for Renal Diet Headquarters. I want to talk a minute about Renal Dietitians or just Registered Dietitians in general. As a registered dietitian, we see ourselves as the nutrition experts. And the reason why we see ourselves that way and the reason why most people feel we are nutrition experts is because we spend four or more years in college studying nutrition and food, learning about food.

Food has always been my favorite part of nutrition. Learning, cooking, and creating meals and meal planning has always been fun for me. So, you can make food that is both healthy and right for your diet. So you enjoy what you eat and it improves your health and your condition, and I enjoy doing that quite a bit. So as a dietitian, you spend four years in college and then you complete usually after that you complete an internship that is a specialized and focused program that helps you to learn more about your day to day roles as a dietitian.

So in an internship, you learn the practical applications of everything that you learn in college, your biochemistry and your food science and all that. All of a sudden you get to apply that and see how it works in day to day life. And that's something I also do at my regular job, is work with interns and I get to see them kind of have that wow moment when they realize what they learned at college and how it fits into the real world. So once you're done, you get to spend then a lifetime learning more about areas that you specialize in. So, most dietitians choose to either become a clinical dietitian or administrative dietitian.

Most of us choose to specialize kind of in an area. You may have met a cancer dietitian or you may have met a renal dietitian. We can get certifications in those different areas. There's also certifications for Gerontological Dietitians and for nutrition support dietitians. So, there's lots of specialties that dietitians can have and so we're not kind of a one size fits all.

But, most of us have something that we learn quite a bit about so that we can become experts and we can do our best when we're helping people with that condition.

As for what I do, my job at Renal Diet Headquarters is to write a lot of the information for the websites and the books and kind of to do planning. So, I have that knowledge, I have that experience, and I'm always doing research to read the latest discoveries and to share with you the information that I've gathered. I plan the monthly schedule that we have and I'm going to try to let you know through this podcast what we have planned for that month. For example, January is coming because this is being released at the end of December and it's about starting up your new year healthy. And we're going to talk a lot about healthy starts to your day and healthy starts to your year.

And so I'm going to do radio shows or podcasts about how to get healthier foods and how to eat healthy and how to do all that with kidney disease. So, what you'll find is me talking about in January, is goal planning, goal setting. Our next episode is going to be about goal setting for the new year and how you can do a good job planning. But, you'll find that the month of January, most of our topics are related to that. And I'm going to tell you towards the end of January, coming up next month, we're going to talk about this certain topic and let you know what's coming that month just so you can be ready for it.

And if you have any specific feedback, I'm going to give you an email at the end that you can send me an email about the topic if you want to hear something specific. So if I say right now, January is about healthy eating, healthy starts to your day, healthy goals, and you have a comment about that, please feel free to send me an email. The next thing I want to talk about is what to expect from this podcast, or this radio show as I call it. You should expect to hear from me weekly and I'm going to release the episodes on Wednesdays. I'm going to do my best to release the episodes every week.

But don't worry, you don't have to remember that, if you go ahead and subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher, you will get the download when it appears. It will automatically come through in your Internet. You'll also be able to listen on the website. You may be listening to this on the website now. If you don't have iTunes or an MP3 player, so if you want to subscribe, that'd be great.

You just go into iTunes and click the subscribe button. Or if you want to listen on the website, that's also great. Those will always be there for you. And you won't always have to listen to just me talking. I'm going to do interviews with other dietitians, nurses, patients, and doctors.

So, if I tell you that I have a topic coming up on Heart Healthy or something, and you feel really strongly about that or you have an episode with that or experience, send me an email and let me know 'hey, I would like to be on your podcast and talk about that'. Or I have a specific question about that topic and I would love to hear it. I'm going to do my best to get a variety of perspectives both from the patient side and from the health care provider side. So, shows when it's just me talking will be about 30 minutes.

Today's show I think is probably going to end up being about 15. Shows with guests should be 30 to 45 minutes. I'll probably have a little bit of talking at the beginning and then you'll hear the guests and then I'll do a little bit of wrap up. But, I'm not going to go back and remove my UM's and AWE's when I'm just talking. I'm going to do my best to minimize that and get better each time.

But even though I prepare well, I'm going to get better. I'm not going to repeat myself as much. So I hope to let you know that. So, if you have problems or if you have suggestions on how to get better, let me know. The email I want you to send any information, any notes you have about the podcast would be to [email protected]. That's podcast the at sign and I'm going to try to incorporate whatever notes you sent me.

So in wrapping up this initial podcast radio show, I want to remind you about our mission at Renal Diet Headquarters. Our mission is to be the most valued resource on kidney disease on the Internet for people to use to improve their health. And you're going to hear me say that a lot because I really feel strongly that we can be the resource that people need to go to for free to get that information about kidney disease and how to stop the progression. I hear so many times from people who have just learned that they have kidney failure and they're looking around and they need a place to gather everything. And I want to be that source of knowledge.

I want to be the place that people can find that they can learn and find out the questions that they need to go talk to their doctor about or find out answers to things that they've not had enough answers to. It's not a small mission, but we know that lots of people in the world need it and we want to be there for you. I want to let you know about our latest products and I'll do this at the end of the show always. So, you can go to and you'll see our books on Amazon that we have available.

I recently released the books number one through nine. It's called an RDHQIQ series, Renal Diet Headquarters Information series and books ten through twelve are coming soon. So, if you're listening to this in the future and you go to that link and you see books ten through twelve, it's because I finally got them released. But the books are about all aspects of kidney failure before you start dialysis. So pre dialysis type things.

Now, that doesn't mean that somebody on dialysis can't find them valuable, because they can. But my favorite is book number three, which is about eating out with kidney disease. And I took a lot of extra time and really dug deep into that information about kidney disease and how eating out, what you can choose, what are the best things for breakfast, what are the best things for dinner. So, if you go to, you will find the books, and number three, which is the eating out with kidney disease, is one of my favorites. That's a real struggle, many people have every day, and I hope that can help you.

I also want to let you know that we'll have a new cookbook out at the end of January, and so this is where I tell you what's coming and if you have some feedback. And that's all about breakfast meals if you're on dialysis. So, the books one through nine that I just told you about were for pre dialysis, and this one is about breakfast meals when you're on dialysis. So, in January, we'll have more features on the blog about breakfast recipes and to help you kick off your morning right and get started right and have a healthy start. And towards the end of January, I will be letting you know about the book being released and the date.

And finally, before I go, I want to ask you to head over to the blog at and sign up for our email community. You'll get updates on all our doings and goings on and what's new, things that I only talk about in email. I send an email most Fridays to people on my email list and just kind of let them know what's going on and highlights of the week. Those are things I only talk about in email. So sign up and you get a free three meal plan and a potassium and phosphorus list when you sign up for those.

So it's not just your email, I'm going to give you something back. And that said, I want to thank you for listening. We're right about 16,17 minutes and I hope to bring you excellent information and news through this radio show. You can find all the links I talked about over at, and I hope you have a great week and I will talk to you next week. Bye.

Our mission for Renal Diet Headquarters is to be the most valued resource on kidney disease on the internet for people to use to improve their health.  Each week we provide new and important information about kidney disease and CKD.

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This episode reviews information about Mathea Ford, and talks about our plans for the year to come.  Want to know what is planned for the year ahead?  We are talking about that and more on this episode of the Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast.

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