A Kidney Diet Helps You With Pre-Dialysis Renal Disease

A Kidney Diet Helps You With Pre-dialysis Renal Disease

Guide to A Better Kidney Diet

Individuals who are suffering from kidney problems should strictly follow a kidney diet regimen. This may be one of the most difficult diseases to deal with but for those who are determined to survive it and live longer will have to do all that they can to adhere to their meal plans. The first step towards a healthier stance is to work on menus or recipes that will ease the functions of the kidneys thereby reducing the stress that causes it to be overworked and tired most of the time. This may also improve the functions of other body systems as well in the process just by making the kidneys more functional.

Watch out for your Fluid Intake on a Kidney Diet

Those who are following a kidney diet plan should check and calculate their fluid intake and watch for fluid accumulation. When people observe that their hands and their feet are swollen, they may need to take some precautionary measures as this may indicate something is wrong especially for those who are already suffering from a kidney or pre-dialysis disease disorder. This may also indicate that stress is already building up on the kidneys and on the heart as well. People should take in fluid such as water and soups in moderation only. Their diet plans should indicate how much water and other liquids they can take in a day.

A Kidney Diet Should Help You Reduce your Sodium

For a healthy kidney diet, people also need to limit their sodium intake which comes not only from table salt but also from processed meats, fast foods and even from pickles.  Many commonly eaten foods contain sodium and it's important to read labels to know how to stay below the recommended amount for your kidney diet plan.

Seasonings like soy sauce also contain sodium as well as baking mixes and cereals too. People should also veer away from monosodium glutamate as it can also increase the sodium content in the diet. A healthier diet that would be friendly to the kidneys would like fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed or preserved foods that contain harmful preservatives.  Most canned vegetables and beans can be drained and rinsed to lower the amount of sodium by about 30-40% or more.

Limit your Phosphorus Consumption

Though phosphorus is needed, especially by the bones and the teeth, those who have problems with their kidneys should also limit phosphorus-rich foods in their kidney diet. Some foods that should be limited include carbonated drinks, dairy products as well as nuts and coconuts too. Those who are suffering from chronic kidney problems will live longer if they follow a safe and healthy diet so that they may avoid having to go for dialysis or for kidney transplant. There are various diet regimens that are carefully planned in order for people to be able to help their kidneys to function better.

Those who would like to create or make their own kidney diet may also do so but they would need to consult with professional dietitians or nutritionists as well as with their medical doctor or nephrologist in order to be able to make one that is safe and effective for their health and well-being. The best option for them, though, is to purchase online a ready made meal plan as well as a grocery list that has been carefully and meticulously prepared by a professional registered dietitian. This would ensure that they are following a kidney diet meal plan that would help their kidneys to function with ease and without any problem. This may also prevent their kidney disorder from worsening and it may save them from having to undergo dialysis by following the kidney diet carefully and easily.

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