Eating Out On a Kidney Diet: Pre-Dialysis and Diabetes

Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Volume 3 of 12

Eating Out On A Kidney Diet: Pre-dialysis And DiabetesMany times the comments I get on my blog or in return emails, is that Eating out on a kidney diet is very difficult.  Note, I encourage you to join my email community, many great articles, tools and special offers over the course of the year. As each one of you prepare for a vacation or just a trip out to eat with family or friends, fear and anxiety begin to set in.  I know I hear from many of you on this very subject, it is ok to have a little fear but this should not keep you from enjoying vacation or a simple night out.

Eating Out On a Kidney Diet

Eating out on a kidney diet, once was very difficult, but now many restaurants supply the basic nutritionals on menu items on the their published menu or online.  It is important to research the restaurant you will be attending so you can know the most about your options before arriving. I encourage you to ask the cook to make special alterations for you upon your order, many of them will do this with no problem.

As you begin to feel the anxiety build look to this book and try to get a sense of some of my best tips and suggestions on how to plan for a night out to eat.  It is also a great idea to have a good understanding of low potassium and low phosphorus ingredients.  Start with basic knowledge then get this book and have a plan and stick to it.  You are in charge of what you eat and where you eat. Eating out on a kidney diet, release the tension!

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