Renal Diet Casserole Recipe - Make Your Own Casseroles

Renal Diet Casserole Recipe – Make Your Own Casseroles
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Make A Renal Diet Casserole Recipe

Learning about a renal diet is one thing, trying to create your own meals is another.  I know you want to make meals at home and be healthier for your kidneys, but it's very hard to find the right recipes and ways to prepare foods that are good and healthy for you.  I want you to be able to grab a few things and create a good casserole.

How To Make A Renal Diet Recipe

First of all, think about what stage of kidney disease you are in.  You are able to eat more protein in dialysis than pre-dialysis, so change the recipe accordingly.  You need to be aware of the types of foods to avoid and include - like whether or not you can have higher potassium foods as part of the recipes.  You might not need to restrict potassium or phosphorus.  (Keep in mind that almost all food contains phosphorus so you can't get away from it completely).  When you are adding foods together, consider if you need low potassium vegetables, low phosphorus foods and low sodium foods.

Adding The Right Items Together

Here is your starter recipe:

1 - 1.5 pounds of lean protein (beans, poultry, tuna, shrimp, pork or beef)

3-4 cups chopped vegetables (here is where you need to consider low and high potassium foods)

2 cups starchy vegetables or grains (rice, whole grain pasta, biscuits, noodles)

½ to 1 cup liquid - low sodium chicken stock works well (so does low sodium pasta sauce and light gravy)

½ cup of yummy toppings (chopped nuts, bread crumbs, crushed crackers or cheese)

Mix those together in a 2 quart baking dish and bake at 350'F for 30-45 minutes.  Viola!  You have dinner.

Keeping It Low Sodium and Delicious

First of all, this is a perfect way to add together the foods you like and have a meal.  You may have become very picky in your eating, or you just want a change.  Make up a casserole, and freeze it in smaller amounts or eat on it for a couple of days.  I think this makes a great meal for you to serve to your family as well, and they won't think there is anything special about it except it's delicious.  And you will know it's the right thing for you to eat.

If you are looking for renal diet recipes, check out our meal plans that are made for predialysis, renal diabetic, and dialysis patients  You get a weekly set of 7 evening meals that meet your nutritional needs and taste great too!

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  1. I have had diabetes for 45 years 2 years ago I had a kidney and pancreas transplant. It saved my life. I now have high potassium again but o am really struggling to 1 lose weight and 2 lower my potassium can any one advice me.