Renal Diet Podcast 061 – Common Risks for Chronic Kidney Disease

Renal Diet Podcast 061 – Common Risks For Chronic Kidney DiseaseCommon Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease and How you Can

Podcast #61 Released on January 12, 2018

Things that make you more likely to have kidney disease so if you're concerned or feeling stage one to stage two there some information that might help you avoid future risks of kidney disease developing further.

In this Podcast, I am talking about chronic risk factors.

Number 1 is age. As you get older you see your kidneys have work overtime and the more damage that you do to them are gonna build up and cause that as you get older to have more problems. So it's really typical for somebody who is age 65 or older to have some signs of chronic kidney disease because it's going to be a risk factor overtime.

Race. So people of Asian descent black or Latino descent are more likely to have risks for kidney disease because they have more likely risks of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. If you are you have high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes you also have a higher risk of developing kidney disease because those are things that are risk factors that add you no damage your kidneys.

Your overall health and what i was just talking about like if you're really healthy person if you don't have those other conditions you have a lower risk of developing chronic kidney disease but diabetes is one of the most common causes of kidney disease so diabetes, high blood sugar, uncontrolled diabetes has a really strong correlation with developing kidney disease because it causes those really small capillary is in your kidneys to be damage over time.

Gender. Male or female. So many more likely to develop kidney disease in women just something that happens. Family history is your family has more kidney disease or have commonly develop kidney disease than you have a higher risk of developing kidney disease it's just genetics.

And the last risk factor that's kind of common is Lifestyle. So lifestyle is just a way to talk about how you you how you exercise if you're healthy person general. Good as is a couple of these are modifiable so diabetes get it under control blood pressure, heart disease get him under control take your meds. Keep them as numbers that the doctors are looking for. Lifestyle, eat healthier, exercise, drink plenty of water. All those things will help you reduce your risk of having kidney disease.

You can change the future even if you have some signs of kidney disease or even if you're in stage three you can do things that will reduce your risk of it developing further. One of those things go to my website Get a free meal plan for seven days and try out the better for portions of those meals and when you have diabetes or pre-dialysis or dialysis kidney disease we have some for you.

One of the ways that you can control it so I talked about there's modifiable risk factors but the other thing is that you can have some information that will help you to manage your risks. So one of those things you can do is modify those risk factors by eating right, eating better, eating less sodium, controlling your blood sugar by eating more carbs and exercising and by eating a little less protein. Honestly if you have a stage three kidney disease you should probably try to cut back on the protein little.

You can have routine testing so make sure that your doctor is checking your labs, your GFR, your creatinine, all those things. Make sure your doctor is checking them on a regular basis so if things do progress that you can take action to change what's happening.

Living a healthy lifestyle and following up with your doctor if you need to. If you have stage three and you are starting to develop more signs and symptoms or have more problems where is the doctor says you need a foster Potassium restriction, you need to go to a nephrologist and see if they can look at the whole picture. There's kidney specialist and they're going to be able to look at the whole picture and see what you need to do.

You can slow down kidney disease, you can more your risk but that's what I wanted to convey to you today there somethings are risk factors that you don't have control over and then there somethings that you do have control over.


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