Renal Diet Podcast 060 - Small Steps Mean Big Results Motivation

Renal Diet Podcast 060 – Small Steps Mean Big Results MotivationSmall Steps Mean Big Results Motivation

Podcast #60 Released on January 11, 2018

Start something that you can change today that would make huge difference along the road. Listen in to get motivated.

We're talking about small steps meaning big results and I wanted to take today and give you some motivation because I'm really excited today i have a big step. Change is happening for me in my other business I'm actually buying a house to use as a warehouse and that is going to mean a huge amount of change for us but as it's second house it's gonna require us to have a down payment.

I want to tell you about small steps today because I'm really motivated and excited about the small steps that I took to get to this point.

Last December I made a commitment and decision that in the future I wanted to have a warehouse and I didn't necessarily wanna pay someone else for it. So I started taking small steps and the small steps every week have been to save just a small amount of money in an account. And now that small amount of money that I saved every week has become the down payment for this house. When I started and every week I would add to it just never felt like very much. But when I look back and I go, "Wow! That's actually large accumulation."

For you the lesson and is at first it seems like you have so many things to change for kidney disease so for kidney disease there's questions about whether you should change your protein, whether you should eat less sodium, whether you should control potassium and phosphorus. All of those things can be overwhelming like its a huge hill to climb to get to what you want to achieve which is healthy kidneys, lower your risks for kidney problems, lower your issues that you're having, your conditions. What I want to encourage you is to start with small steps.

Start with something that you can change today that will make a big difference down the road and where I always go is start with the end in mind.

So if the end mind is that you want to have your diabetes under control. For example you want to have a hemoglobin A1C of 7 or 7.5 then what you need to do is every day you just need to watch your carbohydrates. So count your carbohydrates. Know how many carbohydrates you're supposed to have and everyday take a step and and write them down and know what you need. And after couple weeks then, you can see which foods are causing you to have higher blood sugar levels and start managing those. But if getting from like for example a 9 to a 7 seems like a hard goal like it's a lot of change but really it's just small choices in small steps everyday. And I want to encourage you that those things make a huge difference over time.

Walking everyday for example. If you want to be healthier and you want to lose a little weight, walking everyday is what's gonna make the difference. You can't run a marathon without ever having practice so do try to just walk everyday walk for 10 minutes, 20 minutes added over time but If you don't get started and you don't do those little things then it's not gonna eventually get to be that big thing where you're like "Yey! I lost 20 pounds!"

So I just want to encourage you that doing is going to make a difference. Right now doesn't feel like it's gonna make a difference and it may not feel like it's gonna make a difference for a long time.

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