Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 024 – Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning with Kidney Disease

Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 024 – Grocery Shopping And Meal Planning With Kidney DiseasePodcast #24 Released on June 4, 2014

Send in your questions about grocery shopping, meal planning, and recipes to [email protected]

This week we are talking about healthy eating, going grocery shopping, and doing some meal planning.  It's a short, but sweet and value packed podcast this week.

Grocery shopping and label reading is the theme for the month, and I want you to send in your questions about it.  I am going to spend time talking about how to do those so you are healthier.

#1 -  I am DONE with our new product that I have been working on all of May!  I don't have the physical copies yet, but you can access the digital version.  I am offering a June discount and here is the link to more information:

I reviewed how meal planning helps your diet, and also talked about some quick grocery shopping tips for you.

RDHQ 024 Transcript

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