Renal Diet Podcast 059 - 3 Easy Tips For Low Potassium Diet

Renal Diet Podcast 059 – 3 Easy Tips For Low Potassium DietA Low Potassium Diet 3 Tips To Make It Easier Renal Diet

Podcast #59 Released on January 10, 2018

Too much Potassium in your blood affects the functions of your body. You can manage your Potassium diet. Listen in for quick tips to have effective Low Potassium Diet.

You can have low Potassium diet for a lot of reasons. But mainly what happens is that Potassium is building up in your bloodstream. It is one of the reasons why your muscles are able to contract very easily. If you have so much in your blood then it affects that reaction that your muscles have in the amount that you have in your body.

You don't want this thing to stop working so like especially your heart is a big muscle and you don't want that to start. So you want to manage your Potassium.

The only reason that you want to manage your Potassium is to focus on low Potassium foods as if your regular doctor or nephrologist has told you to follow a low Potassium diet. This is usually your further longing kidney disease, your kidneys are not processing things as well so you need a lower Potassium diet.

I have today just 3 quick tips that are going to help you improve your compliance or just even to get started with a renal low Potassium diet.

There is usually a table salt that is white and there is also a table salt substitute that is also white. It's called "NuSalt" or "No Salt" or whatever. It is actually Potassium Chloride. While that might be  good for people who need to cut out food. Low Potassium diet you don't wanna add Potassium Chloride to your food so you wanna avoid that salt substitute that's white you wanna use other flavors and seasonings to add to your food.

Green beans, greens, tomatoes and bananas, cantaloupe can be high in Potassium. You can still eat those foods if you want but you just need to manage your portions. If you used to eat tomatoes every day, you might want to cut back only eating every three days.

Last of all, potatoes can be a good source of Potassium. You can do a couple of things. You can soak your potatoes before hand in the process called leeching out the Potassium. The other thing that you can do is substitute rice or pasta in place of the potatoes. If you have a recipe that calls for potatoes just see if you can put in rice and pasta in its place and that will lower your amount of potatoes, therefore lower the amount of Potassium that you are taking in.

All those things can help, I just want to give you tips to get you started doing a little Potassium diet.

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