Renal Diet Podcast 058 - Different Kinds of Important Fats

Renal Diet Podcast 058 – Different Kinds Of Important FatsDifferent Kinds of Fats In Your Diet Are Important To Your Health

Podcast #58 Released on January 9, 2018

The different kinds of Fats that you have in your diet. What they mean and what they do to your health.

With the renal diet, one of the important facts to know is whether fats are good or bad for you. There are a couple of different ways to determine if the fat is good or bad for your diet.

Fat is not the enemy. Fat is important to your diet. It helps you to absorb certain nutrients, certain vitamins like A, D, E which are all fat soluble vitamins that helps your body in a lot of ways. These types of vitamins help you feel full and do not affect your blood sugar as a temporary thing.

Overtime, if you have a lot of fats accumulated in your body, you could be overweight or obese. Then fat could affect your blood sugar because it can cause you to have high risks for diabetes.

Temporarily, if you eat fat at a meal, and you’re diabetic, it’s not gonna affect your blood sugar at that meal and it may even help you eat a little less if you eat regular fat food because you get that fullness feeling from the fat and instead of the sugar that burns quicker and makes you hungry. Your fat is slowly broken down inside your body that makes you feel full longer.

How fat can be bad is when you have too much fat, you eat too many calories and all that affects your blood sugar. It’s great that it affects your blood sugar as it does not raise your blood sugar right away. So if you are diabetic, then you wanna lean towards having more fat than a little sugar that will be actually healthier for you.

Different kinds of Fats

Saturated fat is fat that is solid at room temperature. That is not healthy for you because in room temperature, it will be solid in your body which then what causes higher cholesterol levels. Cholesterol does not necessarily directly cause you to have higher cholesterol but saturated fat in your food does. If you don’t want to increase your cholesterol levels, you want to manage your intake of saturated fats.

Trans fat is when a healthy fat like olive oil and vegetables was whipped, hydrated and then became solid. So, it’s not healthy for you. It’s better to have a saturated fat like butter which is a little healthier than margarine that has trans fat.

What affects your Cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol is only made in our liver so only things that have a liver are going to have cholesterol in it. So, animals have cholesterol but not vegetables.

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