Renal Diet HQ Share - Make Your Own Healthy Snacks For Renal Disease

Renal Diet Hq Share – Make Your Own Healthy Snacks For Renal DiseaseDo you ever find yourself aimlessly looking through the cabinets?  Just looking, you say.  But really you are kind of hungry but don't know what to eat, right?

From the article: 

On the other hand, "if someone is craving Oreos or Nutter Butter cookies, then eating the 100-calorie snack-size package is a great alternative to buying and eating the whole box/bag of that treat," said registered dietitian Kathy Warwick of Professional Nutrition Consultants LLC. "Sometimes satisfying the craving with a small portion keeps one from eating everything in the kitchen."

This article makes some very good suggestions about foods that you can make into 100 calorie snacks.  Can you think of some good ones?  In my new Positive Beginnings: A Dialysis Breakfast Cookbook, you can find many examples of muffins and other bars that work perfectly for a snack.  And they are great for people with pre-dialysis kidney disease as well.

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