Following a Kidney Diet Menu is Important

Following A Kidney Diet Menu Is Important

A Kidney Diet Menu Helps Your Renal Function

In a human body, blood has to perform the critical function of carrying oxygen and other nutrients to the body cells. It also is responsible for taking the waste away from these cells so it is very essential that the chemical composition of blood is controlled properly. The kidneys perform this function remarkably.  However, in people with renal failure, where the kidney of a person loses its function, they are kept on an artificial replacement called dialysis. Dialysis in medicine is a process for removing the excessive water and waste materials from the blood artificially. It is a treatment to replace kidney function, and following a kidney diet menu plan will assist you and your doctors in keeping you healthy during dialysis.

Use A Kidney Diet Menu Plan To Help With Your Daily Meals

When suffering from kidney problems, it is essential for the patients to create healthy kidney diet menu for themselves. Patients can switch their eating habits to kidney friendly recipes in order to live a healthy life. Being a kidney patient does not mean that you cannot enjoy the flavors of life. By planning a proper kidney diet menu or dialysis-friendly menu for yourself, you can taste the essence of every food. The only thing kidney patients have to be careful about is the quantity of every nutrient to be taken in their daily diet. You can consult your dietitian for planning a healthy meal plan solution for yourself without harming your health using a diet pattern they provide.

Use A Kidney Diet Menu For A Healthy Meal Plan

Make a kidney diet menu plan for your pre- dialysis or dialysis diet. The menu, one that includes a proper amount of calories, proteins and other nutrients that your body needs. Here are some tips on the right type of kidney diet menu and the dialysis diet menu.

Fruits – a healthy kidney diet menu option:

You know how beneficial fruits are for a person’s health. But the question here is are they advantageous to a kidney patient?  Patients suffering from kidney problems should have an intake of low potassium fruits in their diet. White fleshed fruits are considered low in potassium and are good for a kidney diet menu patient’s health. However, these patients should avoid having intake of bananas, parsnips and potatoes in their diet, as they are high in potassium.

Protein - part of a kidney diet meal plan:

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps the body to build muscles. Kidney patients suffer from the lack this nutrient, even though it needs to be controlled.  With the lack of protein in human body, the ability to fight off diseases and infections is reduced. Low levels of protein can also result in fluid retention. It is important for the kidney patients to take the right amount of proteins in their daily diet. Fish , chicken, meat are the good sources of protein.


Kidney patients can also suffer from decreasing level of iron that can cause anemia. Spinach is a good source of iron however; patients can also take iron supplements to overcome the deficiency only as directed by their doctor.


A kidney patient can also include juices like strawberry, apple, cranberry, peach nectar, and raspberry to their diet, but when on a dialysis diet you need to understand your fluid restriction and follow that based on your nephrologist's suggestion.

Despite this, each patient is different in his stage of disease, it is better to consult your doctor before making a diet meal menu depending on your stage of kidney failure and kind of dialysis you are having.  Following a kidney diet menu plan is critical to help you control your disease progression and learn how to manage day to day.

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