Kidney Diet Cookbooks-Cookbook For Pre-Dialysis Kidney Disease Is Now Available

Kidney Diet Cookbooks-cookbook For Pre-dialysis Kidney Disease Is Now Available
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We have just released the latest in our book series - The Kidney Friendly Diet Cookbook for Predialysis kidney disease.  You may have seen a lot of kidney diet cookbooks on Amazon, but this is one of the best ones on the internet.  I have provided a great deal of information about kidney disease for a predialysis patient.  You don't need the standard "dialysis" information - you need lower protein and sodium than dialysis.

You need some specialized knowledge to parse out the right recipes for you.  I have done this and created several different groupings for the book.  You will get breakfast, vegetarian, dessert, beef, pork, seafood, poultry and more for you to make a complete meal.  This book has full color pictures of some recipes - I made some very special samples and tried these recipes out on my family!  They loved this food and so will you.

I hope you will look at it - on Amazon you can look inside!  So don't wait - go there now.


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