Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 051 – Herb, Spices and Simple Blends for Any Dish

Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 051 – Herb, Spices And Simple Blends For Any DishHerbs, Spices and Other Season Blends for Any Dish.

Podcast #51 Released on September 2nd, 2015

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Step away from the salt shaker:

Have you ever meet someone who can taste every little spice in their food?  Once you step away from salt, you will start tasting more of the flavors in your foods. Salt is actually bland, you can make more tasteful meals with herbs and spices then with salt.

Simple sauces:

Use simple herbs and spices to make great sauces.  Paprika adds a sweet/smokey flavor. Italian seasoning with a buttery sauce will work wonders and you won't need a red sauce.

Work with layers:

Creating a flavor profile to add depth and flavor to your meals.  Create your own flavor profile.  Use your nose, rub some of the herbs between your fingers to expose the scent/ flavor.  Add your herbs at the end of cooking for the best flavor.


Still think you need salt? Maybe you need fresh lemon or lime juice instead. I love to add butter and lemon juice to my rice.  I love lime too. Chicken with sugar free salad dressing, as a dipping sauce, works wonders. Salt free seasonings are everywhere, so try them, then start to make your own.

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