RDHQ Podcast 108: The Mistake I Made When I First Started Working With CKD

Rdhq Podcast 108: The Mistake I Made When I First Started Working With Ckd

I'm talking about my new program the Love Your Kidneys: Healthy Meal Planning and the early bird price ends on February 26th. I wanted to give you a chance. I just wanted to keep talking about it make sure that I am answering questions. I'm going to pop that in renaldiethq.com/lyk for Love Your Kidneys. Will get you to the sales page, tell you all about the course.

Today I wanted to talk about the mistakes that I was making when I first started working with renal disease that my mother was diagnosed with CKD and that we kind of work with learning and changing and part of that is creating my website but is happening is that we went through a process and we made a few mistakes and so I want to mention those mistakes because you might be making it too.

The first mistake is when we were first starting with chronic kidney disease, we kind of treated it like a New Year's Resolution. You know you think about everything like "I can do all this, I can do everything" and you've changed everything and then just like a New Year's Resolution, you realized it's hard and you quit. And so we would try to change everything, try to do a bunch of different changes so you're motivated.

I know you're motivated when you first have kidney disease and I like that but I want you to understand that it's kind of like a long game so treating it like it's a push of a button is kind of the wrong one. I see it as more like a step-by-step process.

You might be thinking like and we were thinking this too like "what if I do this?" but we don't want to do anything to make it worse. So, up to this point we didn't know but know all of a sudden and we know all these things need to change and there's this huge gap, two things they need to go through differently and then you just want to change everything and then it's completely overwhelming because you have so many things that you're trying to juggle. You're trying to get this one done, you're trying to limit your protein, you're trying cut potassium, phosphorus and you're wondering what the heck's left to eat.

We often think like if some is good a lot might be better but the truth is that it is better to do some portions. Where I come from is your food changes at a time, over time and otherwise what's going to happen is the food's going to be bland and it's hard to follow. Now, all of a sudden you have alarm of things that you can't eat and those long things that you can. And my mom was just talking about it. But when you chose to keep a plan and you don't have like a step by step then you are asking for problems.

I always think when you fail because you don't have a plan. So, truly you could accomplish so much in a month, in two months, in three months but all that in a week, it's going to be overwhelming and you're not going to get it done.

Thinking about it like making a plan and kind of knowing what are the things that you need to do so you don't know what to do next. When you have a plan like what I'm talking about is when you go through this plan, you know the things that needs to be changed.

Today, this on we change, next week. I want you to make a plan and it easy to change. So, making a plan to making it possible is as simple as writing down what you're gonna eat everyday and kind of stick to that. Now, you may not have a pattern, you may not know what's going to be on that list but you at least then you can go back over the week and you can look at that and say "okay. This is what worked. This is where I kind of fell short. This is where I kept going back."

In the course, I prepare renal meal plans and patterns that you can use to start with that I just did last night but I wasn't planning on doing but I because I'm so excited with the number of people that are signing up. I made a like a  journal but it's like a food tracking log. In there it had the track what you're eating and kind of highlights with those in for track and then you'll use your meal plan and pattern to work through and document. So, I just wanted to jump on today and kind of talk about what issues may come up. That's just one that I have.

I really want you to be successful. In the course, you'll kind of go through in like week one which is February 26, and we're going to go through different ways that you can real labels, how to make a meal plan, how to get it updated and how to track that and look through. We also are going to go through and talk about it each week. You're really just kind of tracking what you're doing and getting a better understanding.

And then week two, you really go through and you talk what are the different things that you need to use in your pattern. I'm going to give you a sample pattern, calculating your own calorie needs and then I'm going to talk you through how to make and adjust it and at that point you know over the next few weeks and you'll be able to do your meal plan for the week that quick.

Week three, we talk about recipes, we talk about ways that you can make meal plans and meal patterns that you can adjust your current recipes and so we're going to go through all that and then week four, we kind of talk about how those, if you have overall changes you've made and then what's next and also three of those weeks, we have a
Question and Answer.

I'll go through and talk you through any sort of questions and issues that you have. I urge you to head on over to renaldiethq.com/lyk for Love Your Kidneys.

That's my new program and I'm talking about questions so I'm going to go ahead and jump off because I already told you about the program this morning and kind of those mistakes that we made and my big advice to you is don't do like a New Year's Resolution. Treat it like your training. You don't start out training for a marathon right away. You want to start out doing sprints or doing a mile and then you slowly run miles. I want to encourage you to do that when you're dealing with your kidney disease diet.

So, thanks have a great day!

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