Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 017 – Improve yourself and your stress plus new book!

Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 017 – Improve Yourself And Your Stress Plus New Book!Podcast #17 Released on April 16, 2014.

Send in your questions about stress to [email protected]

This week it's all about 3 things:

Stress is the theme for the month, and I want you to send in your questions about it.  I am going to spend time talking about how stress affects us and how to improve your health and reduce stress.

#1 - New book out on Anemia and CKD - check it out at

#2 -  I also gave some preview information about our new product this month that I have been working on all of March - it will be released by the end of April.  I am offering a "pre-order" discount and here is the link to more information:  It's going to be a 100+ page 3 ring  bound notebook on "All Things Caregiving For Chronic Kidney Disease".

#3 - Improving yourself with some simple steps and changes, helps you get there quicker and easier.  Don't worry, it's okay to have a plan and keep it going.  You might not know where you are going now, but after this podcast, you will.  I also talked about a book on basic training for moms - Basic Training

Thanks for listening, more information coming soon on the caregiver guide.

RDHQ 017 Transcript

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