Caring For Renal Patients: A Caregiver's Guide To Chronic Kidney Disease: Information and Resources For Those Caring For Someone With CKD

Offered by renowned Author and Registered Dietitian, Mathea Ford RD/LD, this Caregiver Guide "Caring For Renal Patients" makes easy sense of planning, caring and fulfilling the role of a caregiver for a chronic kidney disease patient. The benefits of such a resource in a large book and downloadable resources like worksheets are endless and will be a continuing reference for the patient and caregiver alike.

Beginning with an Overview to CKD, Chronic Kidney Disease, the educational guide will benefit the caregiver with tips to make their new role easier and ideas on relieving the caregiver stress that is pressuring them right now. You will understand the ways that the disease may affect you now or in the future, thus being able to prepare for the experience. A great story, about Mrs. Murray, a story about one patient's family and how they managed with her kidney failure.

The best use of this story is relational marker for the caregiver to use in comparison to the barriers and difficulties that a caregiver faces everyday. Readers will immerse themselves into the world of Mrs. Murray's family and see how they dealt with the life cycle of experiences related to the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. Next, a very useful three part series on Aromatherapy, Reflexology and CranioiSacral Therapy.

These techniques can be used by both caregiver and patient to reduce stress and bring joy back to the experience and lives of each. With these simple and relaxing techniques the kidney patient and the caregiver can remove some stress from their lives and focus on the physical well being of the patient. At last the worksheets, eleven different ones in total, the caregiver will find reproducable resources that will provide the backbone to caregiving for a kidney disease patient and will keep all the information together and in one central point of reference. You will be able to download a file/pdf sheets that contains all the worksheets so you can print them anytime you need them. The worksheets encompass things like a list of ailments, a list of questions for the doctors, ways to keep track of common things that can become an issue and just in general keep you sane. Acrobat reader is required for the downloads to be viewed.