Renal Diet Podcast 077 - Disaster Preparedness Tips

Renal Diet Podcast 077 – Disaster Preparedness TipsDisaster Preparedness Tips For Kidney Disease

Podcast #77 Released on February 1, 2018

There's a lot of stuff going on in the news today but it's always going to be a case where there's a tornado or a hurricane happens. Something like a personal thing happens like a fire. All those things you need to be prepared for with kidney disease because you have special conditions or needs that other people don't necessarily have.

I want to give you some tips. One of the biggest tips I can give you is to take pictures of your medications. Obviously, you are going to bring your medications with you but take pictures of the labels and that way you have the prescription number and the prescription information, your doctors information so if it's like a hurricane and your doctor is in the area and you've evacuated, you're not going to be able to call their office to get more medication. You can usually take that picture of those bottles and go to a pharmacy wherever you are and get like an emergency fill.

The next thing you want do is use an app like dropbox or Google notes or something on your smartphone to keep up-to-date information on your medication so which doctor prescribed you, what it is, how much, how often, and why you take it. If something happens let your family members know, "Hey, I have this in my phone and so I have to go to the emergency room, we can share this information with them." Those are both related your medicines but that's super important. Those are things that you don't want to be stuck without.

If you're on dialysis you should definitely ask your dialysis center in case of emergency what do you do, how do you find another center. Obviously, it's a big one like Fresenius or Divita, you can usually go to another location that has it and you can talk to them and get arrangements to get into that facility.

Medications are super important. If you're going to be traveling, eating healthy foods is important, taking good snack foods. You could be on the highway evacuating for hours and you really don't want your blood sugar to get too low or to run out of something to eat it and get sick and you want to avoid having to stop and get really expensive bad for you food in the grocery store and not in a grocery store at a convenience store.

Although I did show you earlier in another video about some little snack packs that they have so that's what I want to encourage you to do is if you know you're going have to evacuate, you take and make yourself some snack packs for travel. Put some cheese, put some grapes, put some carrots, put some meat, cubes of meat, take some bread and some peanut butter and jelly so you can have those with you in the car and I don't want to make it sandwiches because you don't necessarily know that how long it's gonna be but do you take this the sandwich preparation materials. Take yourself some beverages that you can know you can drink water and that way if you're in the car on the highway and you're just traveling really slow or your even stopped, you have something just in case is are having a reaction or having a problem so foods and medications are too important things.

If you're going to be gone for a long time then you can try to find arrangements to find a new doctor in that area that you can communicate with. Check with your insurance company or your Medicare and find out what who is approved doctor in this area.

Those are the main concerns that you probably have with kidney disease - it's an emergency, it is going to be stressful but do you think like having making sure someone knows where list of your medicines is on your phone. Making sure you have the pictures of them because it's really hard to remember all these names of foods and all these names of medicines that you take. Take with you a cheat sheet that you can use to have along with you like what foods are good that you know you can eat that are healthy for you and that way you have something to go on.

I want to encourage you because of cases like a fire or an event like a hurricane or an event like a tornado you're going lose your access to the local area and to your information. If you have it stored on your phone, in the cloud, even if you just have a computer and you have access to dropbox and you're able to make yourself a file in dropbox, you don't have to have it on your phone you can go to another computer like the library, log into dropbox and print that off of you need to that we have your information.


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