Successfully Sticking With a Dialysis Menu

Successfully Sticking With A Dialysis MenuA Dialysis Menu is Complicated

When renal failure necessitates dialysis, you will have to make some significant dietary changes using a  dialysis menu. Although dialysis is used to filter the blood similar to a kidney, there are some limitations which will require alterations in not only the food consumed but the amount and preparation.

Foods containing phosphorus, sodium and potassium must be severely limited and fluids are also restricted. This can pose a serious problem when it comes to maintaining adequate nutrition for health. However, using a dialysis menu, that is available online, can assist individuals in attaining the vitamins and nutrients needed while adhering to a special diet.

Dialysis Menu Diet Plan Options

There are various types of dialysis menu plans available for those who are undergoing renal dialysis including self preparation and commercially prepared meals. Contrary to popular belief, not all of those eating plans are the same. Some plans may allow for moderate amounts of proteins such as fish, chicken and meats while others may not.

This is because there are various types of dialysis available and this can play a major role in what the person may or may not be able to safely consume. For example, dietary restriction of sodium is a necessity but these requirements will differ by the individual and some eating plans rely on salt substitutes to enhance the flavor of foods. This is of significance because many substitutes are high in potassium, which should also be decreased on a dialysis menu plan.

Myth versus Fact about a Dialysis Menu

There are more than a few myths associated with an appropriate dialysis menu. Many may think that the food will not be enjoyable and that they cannot stick with this type of diet. As with any other type of special diet, there are various foods that the person will be able to enjoy and some they may need to limit.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and even desserts can be a part of a healthy and delicious diet.  Adherence to the diet typically only becomes a problem when the person limits himself or eats the same things, which can make it very hard to follow a meal plan. The fact is, many individuals simply do not know or understand the diversity of choices which may be available and this can ultimately set them up for failure.

Dietitian Approved Dialysis Menu

When looking at the dialysis menu options available, it is important to select something that is dietitian approved.  Some diet plans may proclaim to solve your problems when in fact they are not.  Many people may falsely believe that they are following the appropriate guidelines which can be very detrimental. Purchasing a structured menu online created by a registered dietitian can help prevent this. In addition to ensuring adherence to the appropriate food guidelines, these professionals understand the importance of having a diverse diet and choices that will actually be appeasing to the individual. These factors alone can make the difference in not only adherence to the dialysis menu but in the quality of life of the individual as well.

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