A Renal Failure Diet - Why Do I Need One?

A Renal Failure Diet – Why Do I Need One?

Renal Failure Diet Plans Are Critical To Your Health

There is nothing as bad as being sick. It kind of slows you down. You want to accomplish something and you are affected by the needs of your medical problems, especially with the needs of a renal failure diet. When your body is having problems with your kidneys, it is called renal failure otherwise known as kidney disease. People with this disease can use a renal failure diet to control the progress and many of the symptoms of their condition.  Controlling your health through a renal failure diet, often with a meal plan, can be critical to delaying the need for dialysis.

The function of the kidneys is to remove toxins from our blood and dispose of them through urine. This means that they should be working in top condition otherwise our bodies will retain these wastes and other fluids. This fluid is held by the cells of your body and begins to build up in the lungs, the heart cavity and elsewhere where it can find space to deposit itself. Your fingers and toes swell making rings and shoes tighter. In addition your face puffs up and your waist becomes larger.  In short, renal failure is very dangerous, and the need to control your renal failure diet is important to your ability to continue to function on a day to day basis.

A Renal Failure Diet Has Specific Limits to Help You Feel Better

One thing about people who suffer from renal failure is that they do not have the luxury to indulge themselves when they are following a renal failure diet. This means that they will need some very specific kind of dietary restrictions for their renal failure diet. Too much sodium in any form adds stress to your kidneys, and your blood pressure.  A renal failure diet helps control the amounts of protein, sodium and potassium to help manage the stress on your kidneys.

What About Salt Specifically for a Renal Failure Diet?

When it comes to a renal failure diet, you should know that every patient is different as not all of them undergo the same limitations or restrictions based on the kidney disease level. First you should know that sodium restrictions are necessary.  You will have some sodium, but the amount should be limited in your kidney failure diet.  Sodium is actually found in many foods, and you should limit it - reading labels is a good start. This can also be done by eliminating high sodium foods such as cured meats for example ham, bacon, sausage, corned beef and so on. Fast foods should also be avoided and so should canned soups or other canned foods.  You see, sodium is used as a preservative in commercially prepared foods. Therefore, your renal failure diet should always consist of as much fresh food as possible.

I am not saying that you should completely keep away from canned meats and vegetables. When you rinse such foods thoroughly, sodium can be reduced. After rinsing you should drain until all moisture is gone, and that will reduce the amount in the canned foods by about 30-40%. You can still prepare delicious meals without high sodium content. Choose foods that are naturally low in sodium, especially those that are less processed or processed to contain a lower sodium amount.

How Can A Renal Failure Diet Meal Plan Help Me?

You should keep in mind that your diet should be recommended by a registered dietitian or doctor. Your renal failure diets may have specific limits but you should know that it’s not bad to include moderately high sodium foods once in a blue moon. This means that you can eat biscuits, homemade pancakes, cottage cheese, and relish occasionally and in limited amounts.

Choose a renal failure diet meal plan that is written by a registered dietitian and available with a variety of foods, recipes and grocery lists to help you with the best way to follow your plan and get on the right track.

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