Trying to Figure Out What Renal Diet Foods To Eat?

Trying To Figure Out What Renal Diet Foods To Eat?

Eating Renal Diet Foods on Dialysis Is Important

People with kidney disease, especially those on dialysis, need to eat renal diet foods that are appropriate for their needs. The kidneys become unable to clean blood and the dialysis machine cleans it for them, but eating the right renal diet foods is key. A good renal diet helps the machine perform its task. Such patients need to watch their diet closely. A good dietitian can help you prepare a meal plan to help remove waste created by renal diet foods.

Two Types of Plans for Those In Need of Renal Diet Foods

There are two types of renal diets that can help a patient. One is meant for those who are not on dialysis and the other for dialysis patients. For those who are on not on dialysis, the dietitian will likely advise them to reduce their intake of meat and a drastic reduction in sodium consumption. Patients also have to cut their intake of other types of renal diet foods, such as foods high in potassium and phosphorus.

Eating The Right Renal Diet Foods Is The Best Medicine

During dialysis patients lose a large number of minerals and nutrients. Some people believe a high intake of proteins will help put minerals back into the system.  But meat is high in salt, potassium and phosphorous and needs to be controlled in the amounts eaten. Some meat is good - such as chicken and fish, but only your doctor or dietitian can best decide what is good for your situation. Eating excessive proteins will help build up urea (a waste product that is damaging), while eating less will reduce it and help your kidneys manage better. Many people with kidney problems also have other medical conditions such as blood pressure and cardiac problems. Following the wrong diet will only increase your sickness.

Registered dietitians work to reduce the amounts of sodium, potassium and phosphorous because they  are damaging for a patient’s health. Sodium will cause you to retain fluids and increase your blood pressure, while high potassium intake can lead to hyperkalemia. Dairy products have high potassium levels and need to be limited.  So limit your cheese, sardines, or peanuts till the disease is controlled. Certain fruits, vegetable, chocolate contain high level of potassium and only a skilled provider knows all the gritty details about foods and what these contain. If you progress to a higher stage of kidney disease, a patient will have to face kidney failure and will need a transplant or dialysis which is very costly. Eating just the right foods will help you keep alive longer.

Get Pre-Done Plans Online Made With Renal Diet Foods That Are Right for Your Stage of Kidney Disease

Consult a registered dietitian to help plan the diet. These charge you a professional fee and prepare your diet plan or pattern for you. The diet will contain all the information on what you need to eat and drink. Since the kidney makes hormones essential for the blood and bone function, it is important to rely on professional advice. If you want to take supplements, you can ask your doctor or the dietician.

Renal Diet HQ now offers a weekly meal plan and grocery list that is pre-done for both types of kidney patients. This is the most effective and safe way for you to prevent a progression of your disease and keep you eating the right renal diet foods.

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