Renal Diet Podcast 072 - Planning For Success with Kidney Diet

Renal Diet Podcast 072 – Planning For Success With Kidney DietPlanning Ahead For Success With Kidney Diet

Podcast #72 Released on January 26, 2018

In your life there are big events that you can plan ahead for that will make you successful with kidney disease and some of those are things like Christmas and Thanksgiving and Memorial Day picnics, going on family vacation, going to your doctor's appointments. All those things, planning ahead will make you more successful.

Planning ahead are things like knowing that you are going to be gone all day and so you need to take a snack; packing away your little containers and making sure that you have that snack with you. Or how do you know where you are going, what you are doing this week as this week might be a busy week.

For example, for me. My daughter has guitar lessons, my son has Boy Scouts, we have Taekwondo, we have school meetings. All those things, I have to plan ahead for so I have to think about our dinner meals like, "Am I going to put food in the crock-pot and make a meal or make sandwiches or are we going to grab something on the way, is my husband going to do it, is he out of town - all those things.

Those don't usually just happen like you woke up this morning and you just found out. Usually, you know ahead of time so I want to encourage you to plan ahead because that is going to help you to be successful with your kidney disease and I want you to be successful with your kidney diet.

Planning ahead, going to Walmart has grocery store pick up so if you get really tired, you find it difficult to do grocery shopping you can go at Check if you have grocery pick up in your area and if you don't like Walmart, Homeland, Kroger's, any of those type of stores. Check and see if there is online grocery delivery.

Those things help you and then you plan your meal ahead and you say, "Okay, this week we're going to have meatloaf and chicken and turkey. I need to buy those things so you have them so you're prepared.

Success leads you to have more success so when you're doing well with your kidney diet or you're losing weight or you've got your blood sugar under control, you're more inspired to continue doing that. I want to encourage you that if you try to do it and you are not that good at it, just know that as time goes on and you get better at it you'll continue to want to do it so it becomes easier.

Like with the grocery pickup, a lot of times what I do is I just kind of go in there and look because it's got you ordered this before and I am like, "Oh yeah! We need those snack bars. Oh yeah! We need Capri Suns or we need food for lunches or whatever. It kind of reminds you but it didn't do that in the beginning, I had to realize all the things that I wanted to order.

My thought for you is big things don't just happen like usually you wake up now, there are big events that do just happen but a lot of times you have preparation time so I encourage you to be prepared and to do things to be prepared.

Thinking about Thanksgiving, what you can do ahead of time, what you can bring to the family meal, how you can prepare those, who are maybe making the food, or who are coming into the meal to be prepared and understand how you eat and your condition don't make it like its not their responsibility to do everything they way you want it but just try to help them to understand, "Hey, it's helpful to me if we have some of these types of vegetables or if we have some of this salad or can I bring something to the meal and that's helpful to the hostess.

Think ahead, plan ahead, try to do that to make yourself more successful with your kidney diet.

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