Kidney Disease Labs: "Kidney Disease: Common Labs and Medical Terminology"

The Patient's Perspective, Volume 4 of 12

Kidney Disease Labs: “kidney Disease: Common Labs And Medical Terminology”Every week I receive questions via email and phone about lab results, like what should I do if or what does this mean. So, I decided to write a book in my Renal Diet HQ IQ series on labs and terminology.  Kidney disease labs are important in the understanding of what is actually going on with your kidneys.  It is important to be able to have a knowledgeable conversation with your physician about your lab numbers and be able to understand what the nurse and doctor are taking about when you are around.

Kidney disease labs and medical terminology will keep you up to date on the latest jargon. Anemia, Dyslipidemia, Electrolyte Balance and Kidney function all are terms that mean something to me, should mean something to you and will after you read this book.  Stages of kidney failure, blood sugars, bone conditions and protein all are important and are discussed with in this read.  I know that your doctor has overwhelmed you with big words and terms, no fear, follow this short read to a better understanding.

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