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The Kidney Diet Starter Kit is perfect for you as a next step.   

The Kidney Diet Starter Kit is designed to:

  • Help you understand what kidney disease is
  • Help you create easy meals that will immediately slow down the progression of kidney disease
  • Give you practical advice about shopping for easy to prepare foods
  • Give you tools to manage your kidney disease with confidence
  • Provide caregivers support and confidence to help others manage their kidney disease

The Kidney Diet Starter Kit includes:

    • Kidney friendly Meal Plan for a full Week
    • That’s 35 recipes!
      • 7 Breakfast Recipes
      • 7 Lunch Recipes
      • 7 Dinner Recipes
      • 7 Side Dish Recipes
      • 7 Snack Ideas
    • Grocery List for all of the Meals so you don’t have to worry about what to buy – it is literally going to be lined out for you

Not only will you get the information about what to buy, I have included videos that will help you understand vital aspects of kidney disease.

Watch videos about

LABS and blood work 

    • what they mean and how to decipher the information
    • why you need to know how to read them
    • calcium-potassium-phosphorous and why they matter
    • how lab values relate to diet

Meal planning

    • How to prepare foods with flavor and ease
    • The benefits of fruits and vegetables
    • side dishes and ways to prepare them
    • Kitchen essentials for easier meal prep
    • cooking tips
    • How to adjust recipes for fewer portions
    • Money saving tips
    • Time saving tips
    • How to save and store food so it lasts


A Bonus Audio from a recent interview (MP3)

 Where I speak about

    • What is kidney disease?
    • What caregivers can do to support a loved one
    • Ways to live fully while managing the disease
    • AND you’ll hear me transform a family-favorite recipe into a kidney friendly dish

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