Sexuality and Chronic Kidney Disease For Men and Women: A Path To Better Understanding (Renal Diet HQ IQ Predialysis Living) (Volume 10)

One of the least discussed topics related to any chronic illness - is sexuality and how it is affected by your illness. This is most often due to the view of sex in society. Many in our society view sex as a very private thing (which it should be) but it also has a very large amount to do with a person's emotional well being. It is no different with kidney disease! Sex and your body may be difficult to discuss with your partner or with your health care professional but you should not be ashamed to understand what is going on with your body and your emotions. This book will lead you in the proper direction and will give you an overview of many of the possible hurdles that any chronic illness can create, especially kidney disease. A big help that this book provides is information on what the common issues are and how they should be handled. So you can understand that you are NOT alone, and that you can bring this to your doctor's attention without them laughing at you. It is important to your health, so don't suffer any longer thinking that you are the only one.