What To Eat When You Don’t Feel Like Eating On a Renal Diet

We have all been victim to that feeling of needing to eat but just not feeling hungry.

We will discuss renal-friendly foods to eat when you just don’t feel like eating and what causes this loss of appetite among those with kidney disease!

Loss of appetite can be caused by many things, but if you have chronic kidney disease, then the fatigue caused by your disease could be the main culprit.

Should I Eat If I Don’t Feel Hungry? Feeling as if you are not hungry can put you off from foods, but it is important to make sure you are following your dietitian’s renal diet.

Soup When you don’t feel like eating, soup can be a great alternative to a heartier meal that you can’t stomach right now.

Pasta Pasta is a much healthier choice than soup, but it can feel you up quickly and be very delicious without the effort of cooking a four-course meal for yourself.

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