What Not To Eat and Drink with Renal Disease

Food and drink restrictions are not fun to talk about, but they are an  important part of living as healthily as possible when you have chronic  health conditions.

Health issues such as renal disease are so greatly affected by what you  eat that dietary changes are the number one treatment plan.

Diet is so important to renal disease that you can actually slow or stop  the progression of kidney failure simply by maintaining a strict diet.

Sodium is one of the most dangerous food ingredients, especially for  renal disease patients. Sodium can build up in your system and cause a lot of  problems.

Too much sugar in your blood is not only difficult for kidneys to  process, but high blood sugar is a whole list of other complications and  dangers.

Diets that are high in high protein animal products, specifically meats, are more likely to cause kidney problems.

Dairy especially is known to create an increase in calcium production,  which is not good for renal disease patients. Excess calcium can create  problems such as kidney stones.

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