What End Stage Renal Disease Means for You 

Through the stages of renal diseases, you have learned that chronic kidney disease means that you are losing function in your kidneys.

Once you reach the last stage of chronic kidney disease, you are in what is referred to as an end-stage renal disease.

The GFR is a measurement that takes into account common risk factors and blood creatinine results to create a number that indicates how much progressive the damage to the kidneys is.

Stage 1: Little to no symptoms, usually only caught by routine checkups. Stage 2: Few symptoms, usually urinary changes and elevated lab results.

Stage 3: Symptoms become more apparent, diet and lifestyle changes are important. Stage 4: CKD is more apparent, dietary recommendations are strict.

Stage 5: Kidney failure, end-stage renal disease. Dialysis or transplant are necessary.

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