The Tastiest Low Sodium Brown Gravy Brands

Choosing gravy when you’re on a low sodium diet can be challenging. There are a number of reasons why you may be on a low sodium diet including high blood pressure or kidney disease.

Sometimes, low sodium gravies can be bland. However, there are some tasty brands you can buy to serve at your next meal.

What Makes Brown Gravy Low Sodium? If you replace the sodium with big flavors like garlic or onions, you can reduce the sodium. In some brands, you may also find that there’s more sugar.

Can I Buy No Salt Gravy? To date, there isn’t any salt-free gravy available at the supermarket. You can buy no salt spice blends intended to make gravy.

There are many low sodium brands available in your supermarket or online. 1. TRIO 2. McCormick 30% Less Sodium 3. Knorr Professional Low Sodium Brown Gravy Mix

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