Kidney Disease Diet: The Potassium Content in Lentils

Lentils and other legumes are often warned against by those who are following a kidney disease diet.

This is because they can be high in potassium and even phosphorus.

Can I Eat Lentils on a Renal Diet? Lentils can be eaten on a renal diet but the amount of potassium, protein, and phosphorus should be accounted for according to your dietary restrictions.

Are Lentils Good For You If You Have Kidney Disease? Lentils are good in small quantities, but you should search for those with the lowest sodium, phosphorus, and source of potassium.

How Much Potassium Content Is In Cooked Lentils? Leaching is a process through which you soak the lentils before cooking them to get as much potassium out beforehand as possible.

Potassium Content By Lentil Color (Red) The average potassium content in a single cup of red lentils is about 780 milligrams.

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