Starfruit & Kidney Disease: Why They Don’t Mix!

Star fruit looks and sounds like an innocent and tasty option for a fruit salad or an addition to a summer drink, but it is actually a very dangerous and toxic substance that can cause a disturbance in patients who have kidney disease.

Star fruit ingestion is prohibited by those who have kidney disease due to the presence of two dangerous and life-threatening neurotoxins and nephrotoxins present in the tropical fruit.

What Is Star Fruit? Star fruit is a bright and interesting fruit that is native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia and Brazil. It has an edible skin and, when cut into slices, resembles a five-pointed star.

Is Star Fruit Bad For Kidneys? The star fruit does not cause damage to the kidneys themselves in those without kidney damage. However, the damage it causes comes from the fact that the already damaged kidneys cannot filter out the toxins.

Should I Eat Star Fruit if I am on Dialysis? Star fruit is a dangerous fruit for those who have kidney damage, and those who are on dialysis.

Can I Die If I Eat Star Fruit and Have Kidney Disease? According to clinical presentations and laboratory tests by medical staff, star fruit worsens and can worsen end-stage renal disease or cause acute kidney injury.

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