Living With Kidney Disease: Sodium and Eating Out

Just about everyone struggles with the temptation to eat out more than  they should. For people living with kidney disease, however, this  decision has the potential to have more dire consequences.

Healthy is Relative In many restaurants, the idea of “healthy” is relative and might not actually be very healthy.

Saucy Decisions If there is one thing everyone's favorite restaurants get right, it  is sauce. Sauce for your entrees, sides, desserts, and maybe a little on  the side for extra flavor.

Sneaky Sodium All of that unaccounted sodium and eating out can really sneak up on you. When you have kidney disease, every bit of sodium is important and likely to affect your overall health.

Cost Effectiveness With all  of your extra medical bills on top of everything else, it couldn't hurt  to save some money and be healthier at the same time.

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