Renal Diet for Weight Loss Tips & Info

If you are overweight when you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, your doctor will likely recommend that you lose some weight.

 Weighing more than you should is never a healthy thing – and it can be downright dangerous when your kidneys are always struggling.

Why is Losing Weight Important for Kidney Disease Patients? A study conducted in 2013 at the University of Baltimore stated “Reductions in waist circumference and 24-hour urine phosphorus excretion may prevent chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Other Benefits of Losing Weight with CKD - Becoming more comfortable - Improved quality of life - Reduce/Eliminate other health concerns

How to Lose Weight on a Renal Diet - Always follow your doctor's orders. - Substitute as much as possible. - Be aware of mineral intake.

The Right Foods for Weight Loss on a Renal Diet You will want to choose low-calorie foods to eat when you are trying to lose weight with CKD.

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