Overnight Cream of Wheat With Rice Milk

If you have kidney disease, there are many reasons why your breakfast matters. A renal diet is one that is low in potassium and phosphorus, yet high in nutrition.

Cereal is a breakfast food that millions of people lean on because it’s fast, easy, and when chosen carefully, can provide good nutrition.

Cream of wheat is made from farina. It’s made from the nutritious germ and endosperm of the wheat seed.

Cream of wheat can be purchased at just about any supermarket or grocery store around the country.

Cereal and hot cereal are excellent breakfast options. They’re perfect for weekday breakfasts because they’re quick and easy and have amazing health benefits.

Cream of wheat is actually better for people on a renal diet than oatmeal. Cream of wheat has less potassium than oatmeal.

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