Making Your Own Salad Dressings

For people with chronic kidney disease and failure, everything you eat  is important. Every tiny ingredient has to be accounted for and measured  to make sure it is safe for your body to process.

Even something as simple as salad dressing needs to be accounted for. Finding salad dressings that are safe for a renal diet can be difficult.

Making your own salad dressings is actually very easy. Here are a few tips and ideas to making salad dressings that are safe for your kidney disease diet!

Oil and Vinegar A drizzle of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil give a burst of  flavor without covering up the natural deliciousness of the salad itself.

Honey Lime For a touch of sweetness, mix together a couple tablespoons of lime  juice, one tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoons of extra virgin  olive oil.

Dijon Vinaigrette Mix together ¼ cup of vinegar (either red wine or balsamic), two  tablespoons of olive or canola oil, and two tablespoons of Dijon  mustard.

Classic Italian For a kidney safe version of this classic, blend together ½ cup extra  virgin olive oil, ½ cup red wine vinegar, ½ teaspoon sugar, and Italian  salt-free seasoning mix.

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