Fresh Ginger & Kidney Disease: Is It Good or Bad for CKD Patients?

When you think of a chronic kidney disease diet, ginger may not come up readily, but it is actually a good thing to include for those following kidney-friendly diets.

For kidney health, ginger has actually been shown to assist in removing toxins, reduce kidney inflammation, and boost antioxidants for kidney health.

What Is Fresh Ginger? Ginger can come in many forms, but fresh ginger usually has only two: mature or spring ginger.

Is Ginger Healthy? Ginger has many properties that make it widely regarded as healthy.

With so many health benefits, it’s a no-brainer to see that these properties can be used to assist the health of patients with kidney disease by adding this root to their renal diet.

Why Is Ginger Good for Dialysis Patients? Ginger is good for dialysis patients due to its ability to provide health benefits in small amounts.

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