Fluid Restriction Guidelines for Chronic Kidney Disease

Hydration is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so it can be very  confusing when all of a sudden things take a turn and your doctors are  telling you the opposite.

If you have been given the advice to restrict fluids, you may need more  information to help you understand and follow through with this advice.

To truly be able to follow through with important medical advice that  may seem trivial at first glance, you need a good understanding of why  your doctor is restricting fluids in the first place.

Take your instructions seriously, and follow through to the best of your  ability 100% of the time. Chronic kidney disease is not one of those  conditions that can be fixed.

Fluid restrictions will often require you to be more attentive than  usual. This is because there can be fluids in many of the foods you eat.

Fluid restrictions can be difficult at first, but the more you pay  attention and keep up with it, the easier it will become. It is  important for you to follow through.

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