Diet Restrictions through the Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

Dietary restrictions are often some of the most daunting changes to a person’s lifestyle. Many people are not sure what they should or should not eat to help themselves live their healthiest lives. 

Understanding dietary restrictions are of the utmost importance, however, as it makes a huge difference in the treatment and progression of chronic kidney disease. 

Here is a basic breakdown of some of the dietary restrictions you may face through each stage of chronic kidney disease:

Stage 1 Most often, kidney disease is diagnosed in the second or third stage. If you are lucky enough to be diagnosed in the first stage, your doctor will likely recommend a healthy, low sodium diet.

 Stage 2 At this point, your healthcare provider is likely to put you on a more strict low sodium diet or even a renal, kidney-healthy diet.

Stage 3 At the third stage of kidney disease, you are more likely to have symptoms such as urinary retention and fatigue. So it might help you to know that the strict restrictions your healthcare provider is likely to put on your diet. 

Stage 4 During stage 4, your healthcare providers might ask you to start cutting down on your protein intake. This is because excess protein buildup in your body can cause even more work for your already taxed kidneys.

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