Can you Have Orange Juice on a Renal Diet?

Many people like to enjoy a fresh glass of orange juice with breakfast. Its citrusy nature can be the wake up call some need to start their day.

However, can you still enjoy your morning OJ once you’ve been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and given a renal diet to follow? Here are some facts you need to know.

Orange Juice Nutrition Facts The nutritional benefits – and potential dangers – of orange juice differ based on how the juice is prepared. While it has very little fat and calories, one cup of orange juice does contain over 450 mg of potassium.

Dangers of Orange Juice for Chronic Kidney Disease Because of its high potassium content, orange juice may not fit into your renal diet. It is a difficult nutrient for your kidneys to break down and eliminate – especially once you have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

Alternatives for Orange Juice on your Renal Diet Even if you can’t have orange juice on your renal diet, there are other fruit juices you may be able to enjoy: 1. Apple Juice 2. Cranberry Juice

A Word on Fluid Intake Keep in mind that you will likely have fluid restrictions once you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. All liquids should be included, including juices, ice cubes and soups you consume.

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