5 Easy Food Tweaks To Reducing Inflammation In Your Body

We'll tackle about the Five Easy Food Eating Tweaks that you can make to decrease inflammation in your body and improve your kidney disease.

Inflammation in your body is a strain on your system it is your body reacting to an invasion something that it thinks is foreign that it needs to protect you from.

There's acute and chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a bad thing. So, acute inflammation can be a good thing.

Reducing the amount of gluten that you're eating reducing the amount of dairy that you're eating you can even do like a 30-day gluten-free free test.

Whole fruits and vegetables and eating a variety of those you will see an improvement due to the additional fiber and the additional antioxidants.

Eating whole grains, eating fruits and vegetables is going to help you reduce the inflammation and that is going to slow the progression of kidney disease.

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