Want to Know How to Eat To Avoid Dialysis?

Wondering what to change in your diet once you discovered you have kidney disease?

Who else wants to understand what the next steps are for improving your health using your diet?   

Get the 35 Minute Video Talk I Created That:

  • Help you understand what kidney disease is
  • Know what your stage means and how it's calculated
  • Helps you create easy meals that will immediately slow down the progression of kidney disease
  • Know the top 2 changes to make to start making a difference in your diet today
  • Understand how the nutrition facts label applies to you and your kidney disease

The Eating To Avoid Dialysis When You Have Kidney Disease includes:

    • Physical DVD Mailed To Your Home - watch on the computer or other systems like a DVD player
    • A written transcript of the call so you can take notes!
    • INSTANT ACCESS to the video and transcript online - if you want to watch right away - and the printed version within a week

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Discover Information Your Doctor "Forgot" To Tell You

 LABS and blood work 

    • what they mean and what they affect
    • why you need to know how to read them
    • how lab values relate to diet

Meal planning

    • What you should change right now to start feeling better today
    • How you can read labels to get the right foods
    • What nutrients you should really start focusing on to make the change


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Get this quick, easy to understand DVD and information that will keep you healthier and fill in the blanks that your health care provider may have left out. 

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