Renal Diet HQ Share - Weight Loss and Diabetes

Renal Diet Hq Share – Weight Loss And DiabetesYou might be having difficulty with losing weight and if you have diabetes, it can be even harder.

From the article: 

More than likely, medications will need to be adjusted, especially when carbohydrate intake decreases. Be sure to discuss your weight loss plan with your physician and a registered dietitian nutritionist before you start to help you avoid those dangerous and uncomfortable low blood sugars.

You know it is important to eat better, after all, that is key to any healthier living scenario.  But this article points out the need to adjust medications (with your doctor's help) and consider how your blood sugar levels are affected by exercise.  It feels really crummy to have a low blood sugar event, so make sure you are checking your blood sugar levels before and after exercise so you know if you have gotten too low.

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