Renal Diet HQ Share - Tree Nuts Improve Glycemic Control In Diabetics

Renal Diet Hq Share – Tree Nuts Improve Glycemic Control In DiabeticsDo you like to eat nuts?  I do, but they contain a lot of fat and can be high in calories.  I am not surprised that they help with glycemic control, but eating just a few is hard.  IF you can manage to eat just a few nuts, then they will make you feel full without adding carbohydrate which increases blood sugar.  So you are eating less and controlling your intake.  That equals a lower calorie intake.

From the article: 

A review of 12 clinical trials found that daily intake of tree nuts improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes.

Try to portion out a few nuts to add to your diet - remember they do contain protein but can be part of a healthy renal diet.

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