Renal Diet HQ Share - Do Doctors Need More Nutritional Education in Med School?

Renal Diet Hq Share – Do Doctors Need More Nutritional Education In Med School?Nutrition plays a huge role in many diseases, from food allergies to cancer, and doctors are starting to sit up and take notice.

From the article:

Doctors often lack adequate training in nutrition to give patients the care they need, concludes a group of the nation's leading physicians in the September 2014 issue of The American Journal of Medicine. Diet is the top risk factor for disability and premature death in America, yet physician accreditation standards don't even mention the word "nutrition" despite very specific requirements in other areas, including procedures.

But I don't necessarily agree.  I think they should realize they are limited in knowledge and let the professional (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) take over and educate and guide the patient.  Doctors do not have to do everything - and thinking that they do is a downfall.

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  1. It is a well known fact that all Doctors get little if any nutritional training. In my opinion this is a crime against humanity. I am dead serious, this goes back to the fact that the medical field/practice does not want you to be healthy, just alive and in need of constant care from doctors and big pharma. This is a fact, considering they are over worked, you would think that there would be a push for more healthy people, which in turn would lighten the overloaded doctors,