Renal Diet HQ Share - Chefs Are The In Thing In Senior Living

Renal Diet Hq Share – Chefs Are The In Thing In Senior LivingI know you may not be interested in going to live in Senior Living, but I found that the stigma attached to foods either in a hospital or living center have changed.  People are demanding healthier and better tasting food.  

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For some new hires, a learning curve is expected when it comes to a higher consideration for dietary restrictions among the aging population. But food trends and a global awareness of health and wellness are aiding in that transition.

From this article:

What great ideas!  When I was installing room service in hospitals, it was always a shock to people.  Now they just expect to like the food where they are staying overnight.  So, step it up.  And you will find I put the same love into the meal plans I have designed - go here to check out more: Renal Diet Meal Plans

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