Renal Diet HQ Share - 40% Of The US Population Expected To Develop Diabetes

Renal Diet Hq Share – 40% Of The Us Population Expected To Develop DiabetesDid you know that over ½ of the people who develop kidney failure have diabetes.  That means that the incidence of renal failure in the US is about to rise as well, especially in the minority populations.  We need to be more proactive and test people earlier for signs of diabetes and kidney failure - start being more preventative instead of reactive in our health care.  How many times have you heard someone say (or said to someone), "I wish I would have known sooner" or "my doctor never told me that I had kidney failure".  

Read this: 

Over the 26 years of study, the lifetime risk of developing type 2 diabetes for the average American 20-year-old rose from 20% for men and 27% for women in 1985-1989, to 40% for men and 39% for women in 2000-2011. The largest increases were in Hispanic men and women, and non-Hispanic black women, for whom lifetime risk now exceeds 50%.

From this article:

I encourage you to get more specifics on your stage of kidney failure and to find out what you can do to slow the progression of your kidney disease - many times it is getting your diabetes under control.

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